Rapid Program Development

taught by Sarai Johnson

Course description

Nonprofit program development has long been a mysterious, costly process. In fact, when I started Lean Nonprofit in 2014, my biggest reason for doing so was that I had to slog away for years to try to unlock the secrets of nonprofit program development - and I thought I had cracked some pretty epic codes on that front. 

Rapid Program Development integrates traditional nonprofit intervention concepts, builds in program evaluation from the ground up (no more afterthoughts of - "oh crap! Funders want us to report on our results!"), and uses Lean Startup-style methodology to create nimble, simple, easily testable Minimum Viable Programs. No more expensive pilots, no more program development on the fly under the guise of grantwriting, no more assuming you know what's best for your beneficiaries and imposing it on them. 

Rapid Program Development allows you to go from idea to implementation in record time, while also saving your organization time, energy, and money - eliminating the waste, bulk, and sluggishness that come along with even our most streamlined pilots. 

By the end of this four-module course, you will have a solid plan for launching a Minimum Viable Program, including a path toward scaling and sustainability.

Sarai Johnson
Sarai Johnson
Author, Speaker, Coach, Lean Nonprofit Founder

Sarai Johnson is a nonprofit management maven, creative entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, and coach. Sarai spent more than a decade managing nonprofit and small business programs, people, and projects.

After she burned out - hard - in her nonprofit career (like too many fine people do), she launched Lean Nonprofit with a secret ambition to transform the sector so the people who work in it can be more successful, satisfied, and healthy - and keep doing their work of changing the world.

Sarai earned a Master of Public Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon, holds a Certified Associate in Project Management certification from Project Management Institute, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Group Facilitator from the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists, and an Oregon Real Estate license.

Sarai loves nonprofits and nonprofit people, people who bring more goodness and love to the world, and provides tools, education, management frameworks, strategic implementation, and personal growth support and education to give them the foundation they need.

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