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  • Find Your Big Why

    Learn your deepest "why" behind what you do so you can connect with other humans as a human with passion, love, and generosity.

  • Identify Your People

    Speak about the humans you serve in a compelling (and, especially important for nonprofits - non-marginalizing) way.

  • Name Your Big Result

    You'll find out the most important thing people want to know when they hear from you about your work: what are your results? Work through this process to discover and name your biggest result so people you meet will beg you to tell them more.

  • Converse (Don't Rehearse)

    Practice makes perfect - and there are a few things to get really good at when it comes to sharing what you do in a way that sparks connection...but this process is about authenticity, showing up, and being fiercely present (not about memorizing an elevator pitch).

Course Curriculum

Quick, simple, invaluable. The main feedback I get from this course is that it shifts your whole brain and approach to connection. Try it if you dare.


Change the way you communicate about your work so people will want to work with you, donate to your cause, or otherwise be your bestie for life. And it's only $27 bucks. (Used to be $97, so hot deal, right?)

Don't Waste Another Minute Awkwardly Lurking at Networking Events

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