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To take a deep dive into your nonprofit's entrepreneurial DNA

  • Assess Your Strengths and Needs

    Understand the four primary revenue streams and your unique capacity, abilities, and strengths to build upon.

  • Grants as Venture Capital

    Think like an entrepreneur about your grant strategies and relationships so you can sustain those investments and make them work for you long-term.

  • Find Hidden Revenue

    Look deep into your programs, intellectual property, and what makes your organization unique to find hidden revenue potential, and activate it.

  • Business Partnerships

    Understand what sponsors are really looking for when they partner with you, and learn to approach them so they are more likely to say yes to your pitch.

  • Donor Relationships

    Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your donor program, and channel your energy into building deep and real relationships with your supporters.

  • Design Processes

    If you're going to be successful, the rubber has to meet the road at some point. Take what you learn in the first five weeks, and use it to develop systems and processes that support your new strategies.

Nonprofits Can No Longer Afford Not to Invest in Their Ingenuity

The need never stops. Your organization shouldn’t either.

You’re a nonprofit director and you’re constantly battling uncertainty. Our sector is under attack and you have to keep it all together. You constantly think about the future and integrate the lessons from the past.  

Building a reserve and being prepared for what’s to come is always on your mind. 

What if we could dream bigger together?

Would you like not just sustainability but long-term viability for your organization?

Getting one big grant or contract and being beholden to bigger funders can lead to instability in the long run. The pressure and stress that comes with traditional ways of doing nonprofit business has a dire impact on you and your people - leading to burnout, turnover, and lost relationships with funders, donors, and others. 

Battle the uncertainty by integrating all of your money-making and relationship-building into one coherent system. 

This coherence, built on your strengths, amplified by your strategy, and ensured by your processes, will give you consistent revenue streams that keep you going through difficult times.

Join us in the Entrepreneurial Nonprofit 6 week Mentorship Program

Where you will learn: 

  • The four primary strategies to bring in money and your stepping stones into each of them.

  • How to identify your biggest strength in bringing in money, how to maximize it, and how to scale it thoughtfully and strategically.

  • How to think like an entrepreneur about grants so you can leverage them like venture capital to feed into sustainable efforts (as in, never again answer the "how will you sustain this after we stop funding you" question on a grant proposal with, "um, donors?" because you will know exactly how you plan to sustain your grant investments).

  • How to find hidden potential revenue streams in your programs and intellectual property, and how to turn that potential into cold, hard cash.

  • How to sell exposure to businesses who are aligned with your cause for mutual benefit, and, for you, another revenue stream.

  • How to build a lasting, relationship-based donor program that will generate financial stability for the long-haul. 

  • How to build processes and practices that uphold all of these approaches to entrepreneurial nonprofit management.

Why train with us? 

We know entrepreneurship. 

Mazarine Treyz is a certified COBID business with 5 government contracts in the last 5 years. She also has over 10 years of fundraising experience and raised millions for organizations. 

Sarai Johnson has been helping nonprofits build better businesses to get real, measurable mission results since 2014 with Lean Nonprofit, LLC, and before that led the diversification of revenue-generating programs at a regional community development corporation.

Together we know business and fundraising and how to integrate them to help you get the reserve you want and the peace of mind that comes with integrated systems. 

Join us in this 6-week all-online program! 

Your organization will not just survive but build long-term viability and sustainability.

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