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  • Recognize

    Learn what causes burnout and how you can build your skills and strength to recover, create resilience, and live a life you don't need to escape from.

  • Rekindle

    Learn how to relight your energy from the pilot light of your soul so you can live bright and free - brighter and freer than ever before.

  • Embody

    Learn to harness the wisdom of the body so you can listen to your guts and heart when they speak to you. Unlock your intuition, your power, and your depths of wisdom through embodiment.

Course Curriculum

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    Building Resiliency
    • Building Resiliency Overview
    • Building Resiliency Introduction
    • How Our Thoughts Influence Our Responses
    • Practice Your ABCs
    • Core Beliefs
    • Core Beliefs Worksheet
    • Risky Thinking
    • Risky Thinking Traps Worksheet
    • Renewing Our Minds
    • 2.4 Renewing Our Minds

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Rekindle Your Flame

If you have burned out (or wonder if you're getting close), this course will help you move through it with grace. Maybe even a little joy. Get your life back (but better).

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