How We Roll

  • Cohort Connection

    Get more out of coaching by connecting to a group of like-minded nonprofit consultants like you. We'll build a peer-support network and referral channels, and develop a deeper understanding of the industry. In monthly group Zoom circles and online, we'll build a true sense of comaraderie and connection.

  • Online Learning

    Get the details of the Book Yourself Solid® system along with worksheets and tools to guide you step-by-step through building a stronger business. Access bonus material to help you conquer Imposter Syndrome, get comfortable with talking about and asking for money for your work, integrate Lean Startup practices into your business, and MORE.

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Each month, you'll schedule a one-on-one coaching call with Sarai Johnson, BYS® Certified Coach, to help you maximize your investment in yourself and your business. With coaching, you'll get accountability, connection, support, and motivation to book more business.

  • Book More Clients

    Look. We're in business to change the world, and to do that, we need money. This program is focused on helping you book more clients, make more money, and enjoy your life - without burning out, selling out, or going broke.

Course Curriculum

Along with coaching, cohort calls, and all that exciting stuff, you'll also have a wealth of resources here online to tap into anytime.

  • 1
    Introduction to Book Yourself Solid® for Nonprofit Consultants
  • 2
    You're on the waitlist!
    • A Message from Sarai
    • Before you go...
    • Next steps
  • 3
    BYS Module One: Your Foundation
    • 1.1 Red Velvet Rope Policy
    • 1.1a Worksheets: BYS Version
    • 1.1b Sarai's Version of RVRP and Why People Buy What You're Selling Worksheets
    • 1.2 Why People Buy What You're Selling
    • 1.2 BYS Worksheets Why People Buy What You're Selling
    • 1.3 Your Personal Brand
    • 1.3a BYS Version Worksheets Your Personal Brand
    • 1.4 How to Talk About What You Do
  • 4
    BONUS CONTENT for Your Foundation: How to Talk About What You Do to Launch (Normal) People Into Action
    • How to Use This Bonus
    • Workbook for How to Talk About What You Do to Launch (Normal) People Into Action
    • Finding Your Big Why FREE PREVIEW
    • Who Do You Help?
    • What Do You Help Your People Do?
    • Why Do You Help Them Do That?
    • How to Start a Conversation About What You Do to Spark Relationships
    • How to Get a Read on Anybody: EverythingDiSC Bonus
  • 5
    BYS Module Two: Building Trust and Credibility
    • 2.1 Likability and Credibility
    • 2.1 BYS Worksheet Likability and Credibility
    • 2.2 Your Sales Cycle Process
    • 2.2a BYS Worksheets Sales Cycle Process
    • 2.2b Sales Cycle Builder (Sarai Version)
    • 2.3 Keep in Touch Strategy
    • 2.3 BYS Keep in Touch Strategy
    • 2.4 Information Products
    • 2.4 Information Products
  • 6
    BYS Module Three: Perfect Pricing and Simple Selling
    • Module Three Overview
    • Module Three Process Chart
    • 3.1 Perfect Pricing
    • 3.1 BYS Worksheet Perfect Pricing
    • 3.2 Simple Selling
    • 3.2 Simple Selling
  • 7
    BYS Module Four: Six Core Self-Promotion Strategies
    • Module Four Overview
    • Module Four Overview Chart
    • 4.1 The Networking Strategy
    • 4.1 BYS Worksheet Networking Strategy
    • 4.2 The Direct Outreach Strategy
    • 4.2 BYS Worksheet Direct Outreach
    • 4.3 The Referral Strategy
    • 4.3 BYS Worksheet Referral
    • 4.4 The Speaking Strategy
    • 4.4 BYS Worksheet Speaking
    • 4.5 The Writing Strategy
    • 4.5 Writing
    • 4.6 The Web Strategy
    • 4.6 BYS Worksheet Web
  • 8
    Bonus Content One: How to Beat Imposter Syndrome (and Other Icky Tricks Our Mind Plays On Us)
    • Being with Emotions without Getting Overwhelmed
    • How Our Thoughts Create Our Outcomes
    • Rooting Out Beliefs That Don't Serve Us
    • Learning to Replace Unhelpful Beliefs with New Ones
    • Risky Thinking Traps and How to Overcome Them
    • How Imposter Syndrome Feeds Itself and Ruins Our Ability to Be Awesome
    • Integrating Resilience
  • 9
    Bonus Content Two: Money Money Money Money Money - Get Comfortable Thinking About, Talking About, Asking For, and Receiving Money.
    • Getting Comfortable with Discomfort
    • Unraveling the Poison of our Cultural Money Indoctrination
    • Rewriting Our Money Stories
    • Learning to Joyfully Ask and Receive Abundant Compensation
  • 10
    Bonus Content Three: Lean Startup for Nonprofit Consultants - Build-Measure-Learn Your Way to Business Success (and no, there is no One Right Way to do anything)...
    • What is Lean?
    • How to Embed Lean Culture in Your Work
    • Minimum Viable Products and Services
    • Defining Metrics for Success
    • To Persevere or to Pivot, That is the Question
    • The Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop
    • Rapid Market Validation
  • 11
    Bonus Content Four: EverythingDiSC® Sales Training
    • Understanding your EverythingDiSC® Sales Style
    • Understanding Your Customer's Buying Style
    • Adapting Your Style to Meet Buyers Where They Are
  • 12
    Bonus Content Five: Understanding What Makes Nonprofits Tick - and Why Selling to Them is an Art Unto Itself
    • Nonprofit Cultural Beliefs
    • Nonprofit Archetypes (and Why It Matters to You and Your Business)
    • Guiding Your Prospects Toward Efficient Buying Processes
  • 13
    Bonus Content Six: Templates for Success
    • Proposal Template
    • Financial Forecasting Template
    • 90-Day Plan Template
    • Coaching Agreement Template
    • Book Template
    • Sales Page Template
    • Business Plan Template
  • 14
    Bonus Content Seven: Scale with GrowthWheel® Tools
    • Business Concept
    • Customer Relations
    • Operations
    • Organization
  • 15
    90 Day Plan
    • 90-Day PPT
    • 90-Day Planning Session 8.29.18
    • BookYourselfSolid90DayPlanningTemplate-1489755095291 (1)
    • 1st Two-Week Check-in: tips for writing, tips for finding time to work on your business
    • October 10th 2-Week Check-in Call Recording
    • March 28 2-week checkin
  • 16
    Cohort Calls and Resources
    • Cohort Call One: Resources
    • Cohort Call Two: Resilience
    • Cohort Call Three: Repurposing Content (Part One)
    • Cohort Call Three: Repurposing Content (Part Two)
    • Cohort Call Three: Prezi Link
    • Cohort Call Four: Sales Conversations


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